I work as a graphic recorder and custom illustrator. I create visual records of conversations as they unfold with individuals or in groups ranging in size from three to three hundred. I also take complex ideas or stories and illustrate them in my home studio. The work I do draws people into a process where their thoughts, concerns, and emotions are reflected back in real time and they are left with an artful composition that is easy to understand.

My work as a graphic recorder and facilitator draws upon my experience and passions as a Montessori teacher, a Permaculture designer and a clinical counsellor. I have a profound respect for the learning process and a wonder and curiosity at how living systems such as communities and organizations flourish.  My passion is to capture our collective wisdom and growth in artful and accessible ways. I believe that each individual has a beautiful contribution to the world we live in and that together communities of people can create networks of limitless possibility.

Graphic facilitation and graphic recording of permaculture principles

What is Graphic Recording?

Graphic recording is a real time visual record of a meeting, discussion, or conversation of any kind. As the recorder I work silently, creating a visual record of the key points and concepts while the conversation unfolds.

As people’s words and ideas are transformed into an artful composition, there is room on the page for multiple voices and perspectives. Charts are generally 1m x 3m and people see ideas as wholes rather than fragments on a flip chart or power point presentation. Because the charts incorporate information, patterns, colour and imagery of deeper concepts there are multiple ways for both the left and right hemispheres of the brain to process the information and hold it in memory.

Graphic facilitation and live visual note taking

Graphic Facilitation

Graphic facilitation is similar to graphic recording except that I record and also facilitate the discussion. This is highly useful in scenarios that require the group to work out details before they are recorded. I often use sticky notes to enable them to move notes around on the chart while the group determines where best they fit as priorities. Once the group agrees on the placement, the information is recorded with marker and embellished with colour.

Graphic facilitation and live visual facilitation

Custom Chart Work

Custom charts are very useful on their own or in conjunction with graphic recording or facilitation services. They can serve to remind participants of etiquette, rules and roles, agenda items or priorities. Custom charts may be far more detailed than real time charts and thus can be used to illustrate a great deal of research, such as when charting the history of an organization or summarizing a report. When making these charts, I can incorporate detailed drawings, fonts and precise information.

Graphic facilitation and live visual facilitation, graphic recording and custom illustration chart work Colleen Stevenson